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About LMM

lmmLeasemethod Management Limited was established in Birmingham in the 1980's and has grown from managing the individual stand alone buildings of our associate investment companies, to the substantial portfolio of purpose built mixed-use developments in central and south-west Birmingham which is currently worth over £20m.

LMM has established a good reputation and a wealth of experience in both residential and commercial property, and as a result now owns and manages a variety of mixed-use developments incorporating a commercial property portfolio of offices, retail and bar/restaurant units.

The underlying strategy has always been customer driven, demonstrated by our drive to establish a now rapidly growing national network of apartments that will be available in the New Year.

lmmIn line with its continued success, LMM is keen to acquire more sites and expects to significantly expand the number of serviced apartments it owns and manages within the next two to three years.

We are particularly interested in developing relationships with investors that have blocks of apartments in major cities that might suit being run as service apartments. With our expertise and operational efficiency it should prove to be an exciting opportunity for any investor wanting to see greater returns in a fading residential investment property market.

The solid foundations, quality service and accommodation on which LMM has been built is clearly visible, and can only be of benefit to maintaining and expanding the extensive business growth being experienced. Tim Horwitch-Smith CEO, explains;

"Service excellence is core to our business; the CIOB award for 'built in quality' is testament to the quality of our developments, combined with a growing number of prestigious multi-national clients who we would not attract and retain if this were not the case. We've built up a focused, friendly team of professionals to look after a diverse market. In addition to business professionals, we cater for sports personalities, pantomime and theatre stars over the Christmas period, whilst July and August is a popular time for television production companies on location. We also have guests who are moving house or relocating and need somewhere to stay for several weeks, as well as overseas travellers who want to stay in the UK on vacation for a few months, but don't want to be tied down by a tenancy agreement. We've even recruited multi-lingual staff to ensure we can fully cater for these markets."

We strongly believe that we are well organised and focused in all the essential areas required in today's competitive business environment. With customer service and satisfaction being high on our priority list towards both our clients and suppliers, we are always investigating and developing opportunities that come our way. We are keen to respond to demand by expanding and exploring opportunities in key business centres such as London, Leeds and Reading amongst others.

Leasemethod Management Limited | Cornwall House | 31 Lionel Street | Birmingham | B3 1AP